As much as I love getting my thoughts and feelings on paper, there’s something about the school year that makes me not want to write any more than I have to. (Funny how that happens, eh?) There’s also something about the sheer volume of content on the internet that makes me not want to be louder or take up more space (digitally or otherwise) than I have to. But look — it’s summer, and I’m embarking on something pretty exciting (for me, at least)! So while the sun is shining and the air smells like fresh basil, I’m gonna set those hesitations aside and get back to sharing some content with y’all:

  • I’ve made a few multimedia zines in the past, and I’m planning a few more. I find this format helps me boil down the most important takeaways from classes, research projects, and goings-on in the world. It’s also conducive to presenting important information visually — which makes even the most daunting topics more accessible! You can check them out here: 
  • This semester, I started putting some initial work into a project that I think will stick around for a while: a collection of educational strategies meant to empower youth to create a better world. Education presents a powerful lever for engaging and empowering marginalized groups, while simultaneously helping youth who have access to significant social/cultural/financial capital become more critically aware of inequality. I’ve talked before about the confluence of social justice and sustainability, and this project is an extension of that philosophy, applied in the educational space to optimize its potential power. I aim to release some writing and initial findings about this project later this week, so stay tuned!

Take care, and enjoy the sunshine!


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