England By the Numbers

The Journey

Hours in transit: too many

Hours of sleep: ha ha, funny joke

Pages read: 423

Episodes of Welcome to Night Vale consumed: 7

Conclusion: I blame Cecil Baldwin for my jet lag.


People who look vaguely like Morrissey and/or David Beckham: 3

South African hip-hop dancers: 16

People with eerily perfect facial structures: at least 4

Telephone boxes: 2



Times I’ve been called “love”: a mere once. Come on now, England, step it up!


2 thoughts on “England By the Numbers

  1. Excellent, I’m glad Cecil has been able to help you become worse. Just as planned.
    I, meanwhile, have seen plenty of telephone booths and absolutely no South African hiphop dancers! An outrage!
    We did have a really good cabbie from the airport, though, a classic gossipy old man who wanted to talk about the best places for coffee and gruesome murders. I swear he was right out of a soap.

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