The Lighthouse Tour

Hey, dearest readers—welcome to the Lighthouse! The only important change in this new layout is the organizational system for posts, but I changed that to better reflect some stuff that I think is significant to the real world. To the right, beneath the handy-dandy subscription button, you’ll see a list of the new categories. For the most part, they correspond to components of my model of social change, which remains in its infancy, but here’s the important bit:

We’re faced with what previous generations might think of as a Battle of Britain—a pivotal moment during which we can either prove ourselves and instigate an upward inflection point in the course of humanity, or we can fall short, letting circumstances force radical adaptation rather than fronting the movement towards positive change ourselves. Our current economic system, which happens to be deeply intertwined with the well-being of most things on this planet, isn’t truly sustainable, nor are the institutions that support it.

It seems pretty clear to me that something’s got to give. Fortunately, we’ve got leverage: we are our strongest and most numerous resource. We’re the ones who build the connections that form communities, and who comprise the institutions we want to improve. We have created a definition of “prosperity” that has overtaxed our planet and overlooked one another’s well-being, and we’re the ones who can rewrite it.

And we have powerful tools. We can infiltrate pop culture to make attitudes towards material wealth, race, gender, and violence more constructive. We can harness the power of art to rebuild ourselves and the ties between us. We can study the process of social change to see which tactics are worth our effort. We can rethink the role of education in our lives, and use it more effectively to encourage innovation and compassion.

Thinking about manmade crises can be overwhelming and discouraging, but it’s pretty reassuring—and arguably pretty imperative—to simultaneously recognize how much collaborative power we as a species have to impact global quality of life for the better. If you don’t believe me, just ask Hank Green.


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