The Annual Summer Revamp

Wahey–things seem a bit different around the old Plan B headquarters now, don’t they? Well, as WordPress so kindly informed me the other day, I’ve now had this blog for two years.  It’s no surprise that its purpose has changed over that period of time: it started as a way for me to share my shenanigans with family and friends while I was in Morocco, then became more of an outlet for my thoughts on topics I care about, most of which center (at least indirectly) on social justice and social change. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a big transitional period in my life, maybe it’s the soft summer breezes, but something has compelled me to totally restructure it in order to accommodate some exciting and newfound clarity.

So why The Lighthouse? Plan B has served as a name on this blog for so long for two reasons:

  1. The world needs one. We are confronted with dwindling resources, unprecedented destructive power, a skyrocketing population, and countless other threats to the stability of human life and societies. Any way you slice it, we’re going to have to adapt to a changing planet. We might as well create sustainable ways of doing so now, before circumstances become critical enough to circumvent thoughtful execution of solutions.
  2. It acted as one for me. I started this blog right after getting rejected from a pre-college boarding school that, at the time, seemed to be the only way I could become equipped to make the world a better place. Now, I see only immeasurable value in that–the two years I would have spent there have brought me together with people from whom I have learned so much about life, the universe, and the human condition (not to mention obscure musical genres), and have helped me realize how much more meaningful it is to forge my own path. All my gratitude, love, and wonderment goes to the phenomenal people I’ve encountered and gotten to know (also to that admissions committee) (no hard feelings, eh?). 

Now, though, I’m about to embark on something new. Plan B is no longer accurate, as this is effectively my Plan A. This body of work aspires instead to be a lighthouse. It is but one of many beacons on our collective path towards lasting change, but I hope the glimmer it provides can one day help steer our vessel safely home.

Stay tuned for a tour of the new layout and an attempt to venture into the world of video-blogging!

Oodles of thanks, love, and summery good vibrations to all. 


2 thoughts on “The Annual Summer Revamp

  1. Let’s not forget that Plan A is taking you to the land of lighthouses – New England. And the allusion to Virginia Woolf is nice, too.

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