The Windfall

Great news, dear readers: I’ve been asked to submit some writing to the YouthRadio blog, and they’ve republished Episode 10 of Let’s Talk About Education Tuesday here. Not just there, though–if you’re not tired of reading that particular piece, you can see it again at The Huffington Post. Whoop! 

In addition, I realized I couldn’t’ve asked for a better readership. Have some pseudo-poetry for your efforts. 

Plink, swish. Swiftly the blade pierces the river’s silky surface and propels our craft forward. Plink, swish. If you listen closely, you can hear the water rushing past the hull and see it wrinkle, as though our bow is parting curtains. Plink, swish. When we pause to check our direction, listen to the drops trickle in a soft stream from your suspended oar.

From here, we’re dwarfed by jagged canyon walls and dusty bluish shrubbery. Clouds perch on the cliffs and subdue the sun. The current sweeps our boat towards the high shoreline, the drone of insects eerily absent from the tangled tamarisk. In fact, the whole canyon is silent, save for the occasional cry of a raven.

The water looks like it’s made of mercury, or it would if mercury were the color of jade, folding and transforming beneath us, getting lighter and darker as it yields to the sands beneath. Plink, swish. Each stroke is meditation, taking us around bend after bend in the river’s carved path. The sun sinks beneath the variegated red of the sandstone walls, and we rudder our craft towards a tawny beach.

The winds pick up, then ebb to a temperate breeze. The scene, far removed from the city’s ceaseless chatter, is utterly placid and growing dark. Lay back on the sand, tilt your head to catch the emerging stars. The moon, so full it looks as though it will burst, ascends into view above the red rock, casting pools of silvery light onto the shore. You want to absorb it all, but your eyelids begin to slip closed and the moon pulls a shroud of gauzy cloud cover tight around its shoulders.

Tomorrow, when the sun stretches fingers of godly light through a cumulus-laden sky, we’ll do it all again.


7 thoughts on “The Windfall

  1. Congratulations on getting published on The Huffington Post and the YouthRadio blog! I’m so happy to see that your blog is getting the recognition it deserves. Your blog is insightful and one of those thought-provoking rarities in today’s generation.

    And your pseudo-poetry was amazing. And to thank you for sharing this amazing blog with us (and that amazing pseudo-poetry), I have quickly written-up a 100-word short story (I’ve become obsessed with them ever since doing one for a Sparknotes contest):


    “Who I Am” – told in Cirasu Millieu’s perspective // dedicated to mjwade

    I place an empty glass before you. I sit waiting for your reply.

    Everyone wonders when light will fall on them, when their knowledge will grow. I know not when the day will come for me. Still I wait for your answer. The glass remains empty.

    Please fill it up with your words. Please pour your insight into it.

    You do as I ask.

    I swallow your wisdom like a parched man engulfing water. I flavor it with my thoughts, morph it. Light falls on me.

    The drink is me. But it is also you.

    And so, I thank you.

    • Thank you so much! I hope you know how incredibly multilayered you and your talents are. I always love hearing from you, and I miss seeing you! Let’s get together, yeah?

      Amazing 100-word story. Do you use that format often? I think it suits your descriptions quite well.

      Again, thankyouthankyouthankyou 🙂

      • Yes, we need to get together… I forgot to check about that horror day in July and it might have already passed… But we need to do something over the summer at least once. And I never wrote in 100 words before yesterday but I’m in love with it now… You have to check out these 100 words stories on sparknotes!!! They are so pretty… I will send you link and link to a story on FP I realized you might love for the experimental language. Your thank you pseudo-poem reminded me of the story’s style…

  2. O wow I don’t usually comment on your posts but this is lovely ❤
    PS We should have a writing party, that would be rad. We could do round robins and write silly Les Mis fanfiction and do stories based off Apples to Apples cards.

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