The Artist Formerly Known As Splashium

You may have noticed that the URL of this blog has changed since you were last here. Due to some combination of boredom and the desire to build a real-people portfolio of writing, I decided to make this blog less cumbersome to access and myself less obscure. Thus, my writing here will now appear under my real-world name instead of my superhero alter ego one (though I still fully intend to moonlight as Splashium the Mighty in my neon-spandex-and-trainers-clad crusade against worldsuck).

In other news, this next week will likely include:

  • the long-awaited second installment of True Grit, because (as my friends will attest) I can’t stop talking about country and folk music,
  • more thoughts on the interaction between art and history, and
  • an education rant in mystery flavor (read: I haven’t decided what the topic will be yet)

Much love and gratitude to you, dearest readers. Here’s to good conversation and connection, even if it’s more Clark Kent than Superman.


2 thoughts on “The Artist Formerly Known As Splashium

  1. Even if the name is 2.5 times shorter, it’s good that nothing else has changed.
    This portfolio will be a juggernaut of anti-worldsuck.

    That’s a full week and I anticipate it avidly.

    Commensurate love and appreciation back—
    here’s to the future.

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