The Immediate Future, Again

Frustratingly long absence from this blog has been caused partially by the existence of standardized tests. Schooling interfering with education and all that. But there are exciting updates to be had!

  1. I wrote an essay about the importance of understanding history, which is currently being considered for publication somewhere a bit more legitimate. If they want it, I’ll link you to it, and if not, I’ll publish it here.
  2. Next Tuesday’s Education Talk will be about AP/IB tests, as befits the season. Be excited.
  3. I have many thoughts about history, art, and music percolating, and I expect to crank out some real, grown-up writing on those. As opposed to cartoons of Russian peasant revolts, which is all I’ve made thus far.

To those of you about to test: you’ll spend a couple hours filling in bubbles and inducing hand cramps via essay-writing, and surprisingly, will come out no different than before. In fact, even the series of numbers you receive in June won’t change anything about you (it’ll reflect some combination of how well you test and how well you’ve prepared, but can’t assess much else). So take your tests, then go outside (the weather’s nice!) and read some poetry or something.



4 thoughts on “The Immediate Future, Again

  1. Glad to hear from you again, love (please don’t ask about my peculiar and uncharacteristic language – it is probably a temporarily induced state caused by stress due to the testing season quite similar to how electron movement can cause a temporarily induced polarity with London dispersion forces – yeah, you now know how bad the AP Chem exam is getting to me).

    But wow! Your next few posts sound interesting and je suis impatiente (I can’t wait – this is how bad the AP French exam is getting to me). I mean, an essay on understanding history that might be published? AP/IB Testing commentary? Thoughts about history, art, and music? Need I say that I’m very excited to see what you have in store for us? My excitement level is the opposite of the excitement I’m feeling towards my coming exams! So there you go!

    Best of luck on your tests, ma cherie, and can’t wait to hear more from you (via Internet because I always hear from you every single day at school… except today D:)

    Signing off…

    • Went online to get some terms for the Grand Review for AP Euro… Ended up here instead! 😀 I can’t wait until testing is over and I can enjoy the nice weather! Good luck on your tests. I am looking forward to your next posts!

    • I know the level of stress that induces your language is probably not fun, but I LOVE THE WAY YOU TALK. Please consider keeping the French and things in your normal vocabulary! Your excitement about this next round of content means a lot; I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you, pretty lady. Good luck with exams!

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