The Wonderful Ouanjines

No more host family 😦 I’m completely indebted to them for giving me such an amazing view into Moroccan life, and I honestly don’t know how to repay them. So, without further ado,

Things I Miss Already About Host Family Life:

  • Having the coolest little sister I could have asked for
  • Getting to know two brothers who are on opposite ends of the outgoingness spectrum but equally great
  • Host Dad testing our sense of direction on the way to school  and our knowledge of trigonometry and calculus during tea each day
  • Learning children’s games and magic tricks from Host Mum
  • Everyone’s sense of humor
  • Totally failing to eat vegetables using bread instead of a fork
  • Watching Darija-dubbed Spanish soap operas with the womenfolk
  • Dancing the Dougie with Host Sis
  • The fact that everyone in the family sings, drums, and beatboxes fantastically
  • Playing marbles
  • Hanging laundry on the roof
  • Fresh bread and Moroccan crepes (on par with French ones)
  • Infinite hospitality and love

Barak allahu fik, Ouanjines! I loved staying with you and, insha’allah, I’ll be back again someday.


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