About That Cricket…

At approximately 3 AM on Sunday night, my awesome roomie and I were hanging in our room talking when a six-legged, winged beast hit our wall with a *THWACK!* We froze, unsure what it was or what to do. In that moment, the thing jumped nearly three feet high and began heading straight for us, clicking ominously as it came. We shrieked and ran to the door, hoping to wake Host Bro and get him to scare the insect off for us, but to no avail. We were the only conscious ones in the house. I briefly considered helping Roomie escape, slamming the door, and sleeping on the couch instead, but she developed a genius scheme in her genius brain in less than a nanosecond. She grabbed the weapon nearest to her (which happened to be my notebook) and convinced me to locate the offending bug so she could slay it valiantly. Having trapped it in the shadow beneath our closet door (it aligned itself *exactly* beneath the line of the door. These things are creepily smart.), I gently nudged the closet shut and Roomie sprang into action: *BAM!* And in case squashing the beast with a notebook didn’t vanquish it, she jumped furiously on top of it for a while, just for good measure. When the deed was done, I calmly (ha) peeled back the notebook and scraped a very two dimensional (but still HUGE) cricket-beetle-jumping-flying-evil-thing off the floor.

Having told our group leaders about the adventure the next day, we discovered that it had actually been a cockroach. Here’s how that conversation went:

Roomie: But the house doesn’t have cockroaches!

Group Leader: Ignorance is bliss.

And it was, while it lasted.


4 thoughts on “About That Cricket…

  1. Haha…. Sorry, I was going to read through all the entries on Morocco and compile a long reply about my thoughts (by the way… your time with Morocco was so awesome!!! I should have asked you more about it… I’m going to have to track you down after break – well, not track you down since I see you every day – and interrogate you more about your adventures there… if I don’t forget which I probably will)… Wait… so where was I? Oh yeah, I was going to read through all the entries and then write a reply but this story made me stop…

    Yep, cockroaches exist in many houses across the world. I was surprised, too, the first time I learned that cockroaches can be a usual pest in some households. My lesson was in Vietnam where I met two cockroaches in a single morning (Yay…). Apparently, cockroaches are so prevalent that seeing them in a house didn’t mean the household was dirty (like people would think in the U.S.) – it just meant the household was normal… My cousin was so acquainted with cockroaches, she can smell them coming… Haha… Interesting, huh?

    Also, your storytelling abilities are amazing…

    Signing off…

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