Everything Stops For Tea

Morocco is famous for its mint tea, and most people consider making Moroccan tea an art. It’s very sweet (I usually drink tea black, so it’s a new experience for me) and is served with *everything.* Breakfast? Tea. Second breakfast (yeah, I’m officially a hobbit now. Be jealous.)? Tea. Lunch? Tea. Snacks? Tea. English people think they drink a lot of tea, but they have *no* idea.

In other news, afternoon tea with my host mum and bro yesterday (which happened at 9 at night, by the way–it still counts as afternoon) turned into photo album time! Here’s how that went:

Roomie (to bro): You eat SO much!

Mum: He’s. Always. Hungry. When he was bebbe, he eat *everything*! You want see pictures?

Roomie: YES.

So then we got to hear all about our host siblings’ embarassing childhood stories and funny toddler hair. All I can say is I’m glad my life is not that well documented…

Because I love you but don’t have enough time at the moment to type up all of the stories I promised you last time, here’s a typical day. We get up around 7:30, eat breakfast (some combination of cereal, bread, cheese, tea, yoghurt…), and head to school. After an hour and a half of MSA class, we have second breakfast (tea, bread, and sometimes sweets) followed by another 90 minutes of instruction. Then comes the 2 hour lunch break! In which people usually nap or play ping-pong (that tends to get very intense around here). Aaaaaand 2 more hours of class, then either going to our houses or chillin’ with our Moroccan homies at school. Dinner happens somewhere around 11, and sleeping? Well, let’s not worry my mother 😉

Inshufek minba’ad, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Everything Stops For Tea

  1. That sounds fun, especially second breakfast (LOTR party, when we get back??? Please???) and the TWO HOUR lunch break!!! (And I would be glad if they bumped our WHS lunch breaks back up to 37 minutes!) I love tea! hmm… maybe I should move to Morocco. It kinda sounds like paradise right now. Second breakfast, long lunch breaks (with ping pong!), summer thunder storms, lots and lots of delicious food, attractive bilingual men… yep, pretty much heaven! Enjoy it while you can, and tell me all about it when you come home! Mwa!

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