Week Wahed

The highlights of last week:

-Running around for nearly two hours in a MASSIVE grocery store (they  have practically an entire aisle devoted to tea, and yoghurt is known only by “Danoon,” regardless of brand). Costco has nothing on this.

-Meeting Moroccan students (who speak incredibly good English. Again, why don’t schools in the US require people to take second languages in first grade?), who then accompanied us on a mission to find and photograph things in the old medina. And then being attacked by a mob of them with squirt guns. I think these people deserve their own separate entry

-Having a conversation with my host family without translating everything (we still used too much English, though…)

-Spending the night at a cute little farm with COWS! and SHEEP! and DONKEYS! In the RAIN! One day I will tell you how much I love summer thunderstorms. Because I know you want to hear that.

-Eating ludicrous amounts of really good food (the fruit here is unbelievable. Their grapes have SEEDS!), which has earned itself a future entry. Did I mention that Moroccan mothers really like feeding people?


-Going to see monuments with my host parents and brother. We went to the Mausoleum of Muhammed V (which is conveniently adjacent to the Hassan Tower and close to a very good view of Rabat’s sister city), which looks fantastic at night. It’s all old architecture, picturesque birds, and huge, bulbous ants.

Things you should be looking forward to? Beard-growing contests, dinner table mathematics, and giant cricket attacks.


11 thoughts on “Week Wahed

  1. Oh, Meredith. When I was a kid almost all grapes had seeds; they’ve just bred them out for Americans. The yogurt in the Middle East is the bomb, so eat lots of it. (You will miss it when you get back.)


  2. I agree! We should definitely have to learn another language in elementary school. 😛 It makes so much sense to learn it as a little kid than as an adult or even just in high school.

    I also wish we had that much tea here.

    Sounds like it is insanely awesome!

  3. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! And yes, I am interested to hear about summer thunderstorms which Utah has a lack of.

  4. It’s great to see what a good time you’re having. These six weeks are gonna fly by. What wonderful experiences! That is, except for the giant cricket attacks. I can tolerate some insects, but those that move so fast and jump are not my friends. Are you being able to take lots of pictures?

  5. Yaay!! Farm animals and thunderstorms!! I do believe that I have had seeded grapes before, I think you can buy them in America, but only at certain stores. I LOVE FOOD!!! (and want a Moroccan mother…) Also, I am very proud of how you are growing in the language, but you know what it means? It means that you can no longer deny that you are better at Arabic than me! HA! (and that you will have to help me when you get back…) I do think that one of the worst things about education in America is that they do not make learning another language mandatory. It is disappointing. I am so glad that you are having a great time!

    • You *are* a Moroccan mother, love 😉 You are too kind, but I’m looking forward to being in your class next year (and pwning your Arabic skillz) and we should have Arabic study parties! Let’s take over the US government and make little kids learn languages 😀 Also you should email me and tell me about your life!

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