So, What’s the Plan?


I’m in DC at the moment, and I’ve been getting to know the people I’ll be traveling with. The ones I’ve talked to thus far have been friendly, and all come from very different backgrounds and points of view (though of course, there are a lot of things in common among us and a surprising number of us are connected via friends). Though the first while is always awkward, I’m looking forward to learning more about said opinions.

One question that came up a *lot* yesterday was “What’s the plan for this weekend?” We won’t actually be leaving the States for another couple of days, and everyone is anxious to know what the wait is for. Scheduling and communication were both a bit vague yesterday, as everyone was arriving at different times and from different places. I think a lot of times, fear and anxiety are exacerbated by uncertainty. I know every time I start worrying about this trip, it’s essentially because I’m not sure what I’ll be doing at any given time, which freaks me out even though I’m not really a control freak. We’ve gone over general daily schedules and homestay life a little bit though, which is comforting because it provides a sort of anchor in the midst of fear about faulty communication and culture shock.

I also think that that applies to the idea of my Plan B as a whole, and to many humans in a general sense. I haven’t worked out the details of my life for the next year or so, yet most people my age are expected to know their general routine. From what I’m getting, most people need something stable to distract themselves from the fact that life is unpredictable by nature.


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3 thoughts on “So, What’s the Plan?

  1. I agree. Having the feeling of stability, even if it is false stability, that is created by having a daily routine is very important. Humans are always trying to find order in their lives and in the world, even though both can seem chaotic at times. I believe that the need for order is a basic human drive. Feeling, and I think even more importantly, creating a sense of order allows us to feel like we are in control, and in fact does give us control (of something). This boosts our confidence and allows us to continue on through all sorts of chaos. I think it is a great human gift, being able to find order amid chaos. The cool thing is that people can create order through many things. Through daily routines, schedules and even through games with sets of rules, or through music. Alright, that was a long ramble… sorry. 🙂 Thinking coherently is not my strong point at this hour.

  2. As human beings, we tend to require some direction in life. Without any direction, we feel lost. And when we feel lost, we then feel as if we are weak. And that just opens up a whole slew of problems, including paranoia and erratic frenzies and what not. But when we have some stability or some knowledge of what will happen, we feel better. Actually, thinking about it… we feel like we have control in our lives. I think that’s what is key to why we need direction. We don’t really like to know every event in our life is left to the whimsy of fate and can be changed with a snap of the finger. I mean, it’s comforting to know I’ll wake up in the morning, go to school if it is a weekday or do various weekend activities if it is a Saturday or Sunday. It’s also comforting to know that I’ll finish high school and then go to college. And then find a job. And then start a family. And then live out my life before dying.

    And that is simply why we – as human beings – are scared of the unknown. We’re scared of the thoughts of life after death (if there is life after death – I’m optimistic so I believe in that). We’re scared about the day the Earth will end destroying the human race. We’re scared of ghosts and the paranormal. We’re scared because it stops our stability – our knowledge that we have some control in our lives. Because those things are way out of our hands. We have no control.

    So, yeah… we as human beings require stability. And so sorry for the rambling. This message wasn’t meant to go on a tangent about fate – it was just meant to reinstate your theories… Somehow, it got to what the message is now.

    Signing off…

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